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Cat's Eye Tarot Deck by Debra Givin

Cat's Eye Tarot Deck by Debra Givin

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Dive into a world of feline enchantment with the Cat's Eye Tarot, where every card tells a story from the perspective of our beloved feline friends. This delightful spin on the classic Rider-Waite interpretations offers a fresh and whimsical approach to the Tarot. With 78 charming cards, this deck will open new doors of insight and inspiration.

Key Features:

  • 78 Playful Tarot Cards: The Cat's Eye Tarot comprises 78 captivating cards, each beautifully illustrated with a feline touch. These cards infuse the traditional Tarot with a whimsical and charming flair.

  • 64-Page Instructional Booklet: Included is a 64-page instructional booklet that provides insights into the interpretations of each card. This booklet acts as your guide to understanding the unique stories and symbolism behind the feline perspective.

  • A Feline Spin on Tarot: With the Cat's Eye Tarot, you can explore the Tarot from the viewpoint of our feline companions, offering a new and delightful perspective on traditional Tarot wisdom.

  • Compact Card Size: The card stack measures 4 3/4" x 2 3/4" x 7/8", making it easy to handle and carry with you for readings on the go.

The Cat's Eye Tarot is your portal to a world of playfulness and insight. With its 78 cards and instructional booklet, it allows you to explore the wisdom of Tarot through the unique lens of our feline friends. Whether you are a seasoned Tarot enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of divination, this deck promises to bring a smile to your face and new layers of depth to your readings.

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