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Tarot Neocolonial de las Americas

Tarot Neocolonial de las Americas

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The Tarot Neocolonial de las Americas delves into a significant period when the New World collided with the Old World, sparking a profound transformation in human civilization and ushering in the era of globalization. As a Puerto Rican artist, Patrick McGrath Muniz was driven to address the social and economic challenges that emerged from this historical intersection through his tarot art.

The result is a striking series of visual narratives that vividly depict 500 years of American and European colonialization and conquests in Latin America. These tarot cards offer a powerful means of understanding and reflecting on the complex history of the Americas, and the lessons drawn from this history can be applied to our lives through the archetypes and symbolism of the tarot.

Key Features:

  • A Visual Journey through History: The Tarot Neocolonial de las Americas provides a unique lens through which to explore the historical events, challenges, and transformations that have shaped Latin America over the centuries.

  • Archetypal Wisdom: The tarot deck consists of 78 cards, each adorned with imagery that captures the essence of historical moments, figures, and themes, offering a rich source of archetypal wisdom and reflection.

  • Insightful Guidebook: The accompanying 92-page book enhances your understanding of the cards, offering interpretations and insights into the historical context of the images, as well as how they can be applied to your personal life.

The Tarot Neocolonial de las Americas serves as both an educational tool and a means of reflection, enabling you to engage with the complex history of the Americas and derive lessons and insights that are relevant to contemporary life. Patrick McGrath Muniz's art creates a visual bridge between history and the tarot, offering a unique and thought-provoking experience.

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