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Owl Besom Broom

Owl Besom Broom

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Invite the wisdom of the owl into your sacred space with our Owl Besom Broom. Crafted with black and brown bristles, adorned with an Owl charm, and complemented by coordinating beads of Tiger Eye and Tourmaline, this besom is a captivating addition to your altar, seamlessly blending aesthetic charm with potent symbolism.

Key Features:

  • Owl Charm: The besom is embellished with an Owl charm, symbolizing wisdom, intuition, and connection to the spirit realm. The owl is a guide through the mysteries of the night, adding a touch of magic to your rituals.

  • Tiger Eye and Tourmaline Beads: Coordinating beads of Tiger Eye and Tourmaline enhance the besom's energy, promoting clarity, protection, and the grounding of negative energies.

  • Dual-Toned Bristles: The black and brown bristles not only provide an earthy and natural aesthetic but also symbolize balance, grounding, and the integration of energies.

  • Spiritual Cleansing: Approximately 21 inches long with a black stick handle, this Owl Besom Broom is designed not only for visual appeal but also for effectively sweeping away negative energy, allowing you to maintain a purified and balanced ritual space.

Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or a newcomer to spiritual practices, this besom broom serves as a versatile and enchanting tool for your altar. Embrace the wisdom and energy of the owl as you incorporate this Owl Besom Broom into your magical rituals.

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