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Carnelian Tumbled Chips for Focus and Ambition

Carnelian Tumbled Chips for Focus and Ambition

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Carnelian tumbled chips offer a versatile and vibrant addition to your crystal collection. Here's what you can expect from this 1lb bag of Carnelian tumbled chips:

  • Focus and Self-Actualization: Carnelian is renowned for its ability to enhance focus, aid in self-realization, and stimulate creativity. It can be a valuable tool for those seeking to harness their inner potential and achieve their goals.

  • Ambition and Decision-Making: This gemstone is well-suited for spells and intentions related to ambition, focus, and decision-making. Its energetic properties can assist individuals in staying determined and making clear, purposeful choices.

  • 3-5mm Stones: The tumbled chips included in this bag measure approximately 3-5mm in size. This variation in size allows for flexibility in using these Carnelian chips in various ways, whether for crafting, jewelry-making, crystal grids, or energy work.

  • Indian Origin: These Carnelian tumbled chips originate from India, a region with a rich tradition of producing high-quality gemstones.

As you work with this 1lb bag of Carnelian tumbled chips, you can tap into the stone's energies to sharpen your focus, fuel your creative endeavors, and pursue your ambitions with clarity and determination. The versatile size of the chips makes them suitable for a wide range of metaphysical and crafting purposes. Whether you're an experienced crystal enthusiast or just beginning your journey, Carnelian can be a valuable ally on your path to personal growth and achievement.

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