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Polychrome Jasper Heart Stone

Polychrome Jasper Heart Stone

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Embrace the dynamic and vibrant energy of Polychrome Jasper with this heart-shaped stone. Known as Desert Jasper from Madagascar, Polychrome Jasper captivates with its amazing colors and movement energy. The heart stone, measuring approximately 1 1/4", is a special piece with varying colors and inclusions, adding to its unique charm.

Key Features:

  • Polychrome Jasper Heart Stone: Crafted from Polychrome Jasper, this heart-shaped stone showcases amazing colors and movement energy.

  • Fire Element Connection: Polychrome Jasper helps you connect to the fire element, fostering passion, vibrancy, vitality, and creativity.

  • Centering Energy: This stone assists in centering your energy, providing balance and harmony.

  • Approximate Measurement: The heart stone is approximately 1 1/4", with varying colors and inclusions, making each piece unique.

Let the lively energy of Polychrome Jasper infuse your space with passion and creativity. Whether used in meditation, crystal rituals, or simply displayed as a unique piece, this heart stone adds a touch of dynamic energy to your collection.

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