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Bowenite Obelisk: A Stone of Love and Protection

Bowenite Obelisk: A Stone of Love and Protection

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Bowenite is a compact variety of Serpentine, known for its history of being used for jewelry, tools, and weapons.

  • A Stone of Love and Friendship: Bowenite is celebrated as both the stone of love and friendship, making it a wonderful addition to your crystal collection.

  • A Protective Energy Shield: In addition to its associations with love and friendship, Bowenite is considered a potent protective energy shield, guarding you from negative influences.

  • Fostering Success: Bowenite is known for its ability to foster success, propelling you forward on your journey and helping you achieve your goals.

  • 3"+ Pointed Obelisks: Each Bowenite obelisk is at least 3 inches tall and features a flat bottom for stability. These obelisks are ideal for display and use in various practices.

  • Sourced from India: These Bowenite obelisks are sourced from India, a region rich in geological diversity and crystal beauty.

  • Natural Material: Bowenite is a natural material and may exhibit unique flaws in coloring, inclusions, size, and shape. These individual characteristics only enhance its beauty and character.

  • Harmonious and Protective Energies: Embrace the harmonious and protective energies of Bowenite as you work with this exquisite gemstone. Allow it to guide you toward success and greater love and friendship in your life.

Bowenite's versatile qualities, from its associations with love and friendship to its protective and success-fostering energies, make it a valuable addition to any crystal collection. Whether you're seeking protection, success, or the amplification of love and friendship, Bowenite can support your journey.

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