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Chambered Lapis Pendulum

Chambered Lapis Pendulum

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The Chambered Lapis Pendulum is a powerful divination tool infused with the potent healing energy of Lapis Lazuli. Meticulously crafted and sourced from India, this pendulum not only guides you to answers but also offers a unique feature—a chambered bob that unscrews, allowing you to infuse it with sacred oils, herbs, ash, or earth for an elevated divination experience.

Key Features:

  • Potent Healing Energy of Lapis: Lapis Lazuli is renowned for its powerful healing properties, promoting truth, balance, wisdom, and clarity of the mind. It is associated with various aspects, including disorganization, immune system support, courage, throat chakra activation, and improved communication.

  • Chambered Pendulum Bob: The pendulum features a unique chambered bob that can be unscrewed. This chamber provides a sacred space where you can place elements such as essential oils, herbs, ash, or earth, infusing your divination sessions with added intention and energy.

  • Enhanced Divination Experience: By personalizing your pendulum with the chosen elements, you create a connection between yourself and the energies within the chamber. This enhances the overall divination experience, allowing for a deeper and more resonant connection to your spiritual practice.

  • From India: Sourced from India, a land rich in spiritual traditions and ancient wisdom, this chambered pendulum carries the authenticity and sacredness of its origin, adding a profound dimension to your divination journey.

Elevate your divination practice with the Chambered Lapis Pendulum, a sacred tool that blends the inherent healing energy of Lapis Lazuli with the intentional infusion of elements within its chamber. Let this unique pendulum guide you towards truth, clarity, and a deeper connection to your inner wisdom.

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