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Sun-Kissed Citrine Crystal Tumbles

Sun-Kissed Citrine Crystal Tumbles

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Citrine, a variety of Quartz, gleams like the sun, symbolizing new beginnings and radiating an irresistible warmth. It is celebrated as the "stone of abundance, prosperity, and positivity" and is highly valued in Feng Shui for these very reasons. Citrine is often referred to as the "manifesting stone" and offers a wide range of benefits, making it a cherished companion on the path to personal growth and well-being.

  • Abundance and Prosperity: Citrine is renowned for its ability to attract abundance and prosperity. Its radiant energy infuses your life with the power of wealth, making it a beacon for financial and personal success.

  • A Source of Creativity and Positivity: Citrine embodies the essence of creativity and positivity. It shields against negativity and nurtures happiness, joy, confidence, and a positive outlook. It serves as a constant reminder that each day brings new opportunities.

  • Aid in Study and Learning: Citrine is associated with aiding in study and learning. Its energy enhances mental clarity and helps overcome challenges, making it a helpful companion for those pursuing knowledge.

  • Fear Dispeller and Dream Protector: This remarkable stone dispels fear and nightmares, offering comfort and peace during the night. Its presence is like a guardian of your dreams.

  • Enhanced Psychic Awareness: Citrine's energy also enhances psychic awareness and intuition. It serves as a guiding light, helping you navigate the realms of the unknown with greater clarity.

  • Support for Healthy Relationships: Citrine is believed to support healthy relationships, fostering trust and mutual understanding between individuals.

  • Element of Fire: Citrine embodies the projective energy of the Sun and the element of Fire. Its warmth and vitality make it an excellent companion in matters of transformation and manifestation.

  • Sourced from Brazil: This radiant collection of Citrine hails from Brazil, a region known for its rich geological diversity and cultural vibrancy. These Citrine pieces carry the essence of this land, connecting you to the abundant and prosperous energies of Brazil.

  • Sold by Approximate Weight: Please note that these Citrine pieces are sold by approximate weight, allowing you to receive a varied assortment in terms of size and count. Each piece is a unique marvel of nature, ready to infuse your space with positive and prosperous energies.

  • Embrace Abundance and New Beginnings: With approximately 1lb of Citrine, this radiant collection is prepared to infuse your space with its uplifting and prosperous energies. Whether you're an experienced crystal enthusiast or new to the world of healing stones, Citrine offers a gateway to a world of abundance and new opportunities.

Invite the radiant energy of Citrine into your life, and let it guide you towards abundance, prosperity, and new beginnings. Let it be your beacon for positive change and personal success.

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