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Raw Tree Agate - Earthly Beauty

Raw Tree Agate - Earthly Beauty

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Journey into the world of earthy energy with our 1lb collection of untumbled Tree Agate from India. This distinctive gemstone, known for its earthy tones and natural beauty, has been associated with wealth and prosperity for centuries. Tree Agate draws you closer to the nurturing embrace of nature and is believed to assist with good luck, protection from energy vampires, inner peace, and enhancing fullness in all areas of your life. Sold by weight, not stone count or size, each piece in this collection is a unique blend of sizes, shapes, and colors.

Key Features:

  • Earthy Energy: Tree Agate exudes a natural, earthy energy that promotes a sense of harmony and well-being.

  • Prosperity and Protection: It has historical associations with wealth and prosperity and is thought to protect against energy vampires.

  • Inner Peace and Wholeness: Use it to find inner peace and bring fullness to all aspects of your life.

  • From India: Our Tree Agate gemstones come from the spiritually vibrant landscapes of India, known for producing gemstones with potent qualities.

Embrace the earthly energy and potential for prosperity offered by our 1lb collection of Tree Agate. Whether you use these stones for meditation, energy work, or simply to appreciate their natural beauty, they are your trusted companions on a journey of well-being, prosperity, and inner peace.

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