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Raw Apache Tears: Stones of Rememberance

Raw Apache Tears: Stones of Rememberance

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Apache Tears, a unique form of Obsidian, carry potent healing properties, particularly in relation to grief and loss. These stones are rooted in a Native American legend that tells of the bravery and sacrifice of their ancestors. Legend has it that the men, rather than being captured, chose to leap from cliffs to their death. The women of the tribe wept tears of profound grief, which then fell to the earth, forming the distinctive Apache Tear shape. Our 1lb collection of Apache Tears, sourced from the United States, allows you to connect with the deep emotions and healing energy of these remarkable stones. Please note that these stones are sold by approximate weight only.

Key Features:

  • Healing Grief and Loss: Apache Tears are known for their ability to provide solace and healing during times of grief and loss.

  • Native American Legend: These stones are steeped in the poignant legend of bravery, sacrifice, and the tears of the women of the tribe.

  • From the United States: Our Apache Tears are sourced from the United States, a land rich in natural wonder and cultural history.

Embrace the emotional healing and connection to legend offered by our 1lb collection of Apache Tears. Whether used in energy work, meditation, or as a source of comfort during times of grief, these stones are your steadfast companions on a journey of healing and remembrance.

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