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Raw Citrine: The Stone of Abundance

Raw Citrine: The Stone of Abundance

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Discover the radiant energy of natural rough Citrine with this 1 lb collection of untumbled stones. Citrine, often referred to as the "stone of abundance and wealth," is like a ray of sunshine when it comes to new beginnings and positive energies.

Key Attributes and Benefits:

  • Manifesting Abundance: Citrine is renowned for its ability to attract abundance and prosperity into one's life. It's a powerful tool for manifesting your desires and achieving your goals.

  • Positive Energy: This stone exudes a warm and uplifting energy that can enhance your magical and healing practices. Its bright, sunny vibes promote positivity and joy.

  • Learning and Study: Citrine is believed to aid in concentration, making it a valuable companion for students and learners. It can help you stay focused and absorb knowledge more effectively.

  • Relationships: It's associated with fostering good relationships and enhancing the qualities of joy, happiness, and love within these connections.

  • New Beginnings: Citrine is symbolic of new beginnings, making it a wonderful choice when you're embarking on a fresh chapter in life.

  • A Wealth of Possibilities: This collection of natural raw Citrine is sold by approximate weight, not stone size or count, ensuring that you receive a diverse selection of Citrine pieces that vary in size and shape. With a 1 lb collection, you'll have a wealth of Citrine to work with in your metaphysical and healing practices.

  • Sourced from Brazil: These Citrine pieces hail from Brazil, known for its rich deposits of high-quality Citrine. You can trust in the authenticity and natural beauty of these stones.

Harness the vibrant and transformative power of Citrine as you explore the energy of these untumbled raw pieces. Whether you're drawn to Citrine for its wealth-attracting properties or its positive vibes, this collection is a valuable addition to your crystal journey.

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