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Beautiful Raw Emerald Stones

Beautiful Raw Emerald Stones

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For over 4,000 years, Emerald has graced the world with its exquisite beauty and remarkable healing abilities. Mined in Egypt millennia ago, it is still highly prized today for its profound attributes.

Key Attributes and Benefits:

  • Truth and Honesty: Emerald is believed to reveal truth and encourage honesty, making it a gemstone associated with clarity and transparency.

  • Enhanced Intuition: It is thought to enhance intuition, aiding in the development of your inner knowing and insight.

  • Strengthening Love: Emerald carries an energy of love and compassion, strengthening your connection with the heart and fostering harmonious relationships.

  • Cleansing and Purifying: This gemstone is associated with cleansing and purifying energies, helping to rid your aura and environment of negativity.

  • Hidden Fears: Emerald may assist in addressing hidden fears, allowing you to confront and overcome them.

  • Focus and Meditation: With its calming and centering qualities, Emerald is a wonderful stone for focus and meditation, promoting inner serenity and mental clarity.

  • Range of Stone Sizes: Stones in this 1 lb collection can range in size from 1" to 3", and you may find jewelry-sized chips within your pound. Each piece carries the distinctive energy and beauty of Emerald.

  • Sourced from Brazil: These Emerald stones are sourced from Brazil, a region known for its rich mineral deposits. Their authenticity and quality are unquestionable, ensuring that you receive the genuine energy of Emerald.

Embrace the captivating beauty and profound healing abilities of Emerald as you work with these stones. Whether you're drawn to its beauty or its metaphysical properties, Emerald is a gemstone that has endured through the ages.

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