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Raw Kunzite: The Stone of Emotions

Raw Kunzite: The Stone of Emotions

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This 1lb collection of raw, untumbled Kunzite is known as the "stone of emotions" and works with the throat chakra in conjunction with the heart. It helps facilitate the connection between the heart and mind and may assist in promoting loving and heartfelt communication. This collection of raw Kunzite from Peru is sold by approximate weight, offering you the opportunity to explore the unique and powerful properties of this beautiful gemstone.

  • The Stone of Emotions: Kunzite is celebrated for its ability to work with the emotions, making it an ideal companion for promoting emotional balance and well-being.

  • Throat and Heart Chakra Connection: Kunzite works with both the throat chakra and the heart chakra, fostering a harmonious connection between these two vital energy centers. This connection may aid in expressing emotions and feelings from the heart with clarity and compassion.

  • Loving Communication: Kunzite's energy is associated with promoting loving and compassionate communication, making it a valuable tool for those seeking to enhance their ability to express themselves in a heartfelt manner.

  • 1lb of Raw Kunzite: This collection comprises 1lb of raw, untumbled Kunzite pieces from Peru. Each piece is unique, showcasing variations in size, shape, and color, reflecting the natural beauty of this gemstone.

  • Sourced from Peru: Our raw Kunzite is sourced from Peru, a region renowned for its gemstone deposits. The authenticity and quality of these stones are unquestionable, ensuring you receive a collection that captures the unique energy of Kunzite.

  • Sold by Approximate Weight: This collection is sold by approximate weight, providing you with a selection of raw Kunzite pieces that hold the potential to enhance your emotional well-being and communication skills.

Embrace the powerful and emotional qualities of raw, untumbled Kunzite as you explore the unique beauty and energy of each piece. Each stone is ready to accompany you on your journey of emotional healing and heart-centered communication.

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