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Pink Tourmaline with Quartz: Joyful Harmony

Pink Tourmaline with Quartz: Joyful Harmony

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Delight in the beauty of this bag filled with untumbled Pink Tourmaline, thoughtfully blended with the master healer Quartz. Pink Tourmaline is celebrated for its ability to promote joy, happiness, and love. It soothes emotions and moods, while bringing passion and opening the heart.

  • A Mix of Love and Healing: This collection of Pink Tourmaline and Quartz offers a harmonious combination of love and healing energies. The untumbled stones provide a raw, natural connection to the Earth's energy, enhancing the emotional and spiritual aspects of these gems.

  • Sourced from Brazil: Our Pink Tourmaline and Quartz blend originates from Brazil, a region renowned for its exceptional gemstones. Their authenticity and quality are undisputed, ensuring you receive a collection that radiates the unique energy of these crystals.

  • Sold by Approximate Weight: This 1lb bag is sold by approximate weight, not stone size or count. It provides you with Pink Tourmaline with Quartz pieces, each contributing to the harmonious blend of love and healing that this duo offers.

Unlock the power of Pink Tourmaline and Quartz to embrace love, joy, and emotional healing. This blend is a valuable addition to your crystal collection, ready to uplift your spirit and soothe your heart.

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