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Irish Moss Cut

Irish Moss Cut

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Explore the mystical qualities of Irish Moss, also known as Carrageen Moss or Chondracanthus Chamissoi, originally hailing from Peru. This red algae, rich in protein and various minerals, is now available in a wild-crafted, cut, and sifted form, ready to enhance your spellwork.

Key Features:

  • Rich Source of Nutrients: Irish Moss is known for being a rich source of protein and various minerals, making it a valuable ingredient.

  • Binding Properties: Widely used in the makeup and food industry for its binding qualities, Irish Moss adds a touch of natural magic to your craft.

  • Magickal Associations: In spell work, Irish Moss is associated with luck, money, protection, and finds its place in water magic rituals.

  • Wild Crafted: Sourced in a sustainable manner, this Irish Moss is wild-crafted, ensuring a connection with nature's bounty.

Storage Instructions:

  • To preserve its potency, store Irish Moss in a sealed container in a cool, dark place.

Available Quantities:

  • Choose from quantities of 1oz, 2oz, and 1 lb to suit your magickal needs.

Unveil the natural riches of Irish Moss in your spellwork, bringing a touch of nourishing energy to your rituals. Whether you seek luck, financial abundance, or protection, let this mystical algae be a versatile and potent addition to your magickal toolkit.

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