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St John's Wort Cut (Hypericum Perforatum)

St John's Wort Cut (Hypericum Perforatum)

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Explore the mystical properties of St. John's Wort, also known as Hypericum Perforatum, Goat Weed, and Rosin Rose, with a rich history dating back to ancient Greece. This herb, traditionally associated with blooming around the birthday of John the Baptist on June 24th, holds significance in magical and spiritual practices.

Key Features:

  • Historical Significance: St. John's Wort has been revered since ancient times, with references to its use dating back to ancient Greece. Its association with the birthday of John the Baptist adds to its mystique and significance.

  • Magical Applications: In magical practices, St. John's Wort is prized for its protective properties. It is believed to offer defense against evil eye curses, hexes, malevolent forces, witches, ghosts, and negative energies. Additionally, it can be used for divination and enhancing psychic abilities.

  • Cut Form: Available in cut form, St. John's Wort offers versatility in magical workings, allowing practitioners to incorporate it into spells, rituals, charms, and potions with ease.

  • Storage Recommendations: To maintain its potency and efficacy, store St. John's Wort in a sealed container in a cool, dry place, ensuring its freshness for future magical endeavors.

  • Available Sizes: Choose from various quantities, including 1oz, 2oz, and 1lb, providing options to suit individual needs and preferences.

Unlock the protective energies of St. John's Wort to safeguard against negative influences and enhance your spiritual practice. With its ancient origins and versatile magical properties, St. John's Wort remains a valuable ally for those seeking spiritual protection and guidance.

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