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Sea Salt for Protective Magic

Sea Salt for Protective Magic

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Harness the power of Sea Salt, a formidable ally in protective magic and a versatile tool for cleansing and purifying crystals and scrying mirrors. Each batch of Sea Salt features granule sizes that vary widely, ranging from 1/6" to 1/4".

Key Features:

  • Protective Magic: Sea Salt is a potent aid in protective magic, creating a shield against negative energies and influences.

  • Cleansing and Purifying: Use Sea Salt to cleanse and purify crystals and scrying mirrors, enhancing their metaphysical properties.

  • Varied Granule Sizes: Each batch of Sea Salt presents granule sizes ranging widely from 1/6" to 1/4", offering versatility in application.

Note: Granule sizes may vary widely by batch, providing a unique and adaptable quality to your magical workings.

Incorporate the potent energy of Sea Salt into your protective magic and purification rituals, leveraging its varied granule sizes to suit a range of metaphysical applications.

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