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Triple Moon Incense Holder

Triple Moon Incense Holder

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Infuse your space with mystical energy using our Triple Moon Incense Holder. This intricately carved box features silver-toned stars and a central triple moon design, making it both a functional incense burner and a captivating decor piece. The hinged top allows for safe burning of two cone incense on the inside. With a length of 12" and a height of 2 1/2" when closed, this incense holder is a substantial and visually striking addition to your sacred space.

Key Features:

  • Carved Design: The box boasts a carved design with silver-toned stars and a central triple moon, adding a touch of mysticism and symbolism to your space.

  • Functional Incense Burner: Safely burn two cone incense on the inside of the box, allowing you to enjoy your favorite scents in a unique and decorative way.

  • Hinged Top: The hinged top adds convenience, providing easy access to the interior for incense burning while maintaining a sleek and cohesive design.

  • Dimensions: With a length of 12" and a height of 2 1/2" when closed, this incense holder is both substantial and visually appealing, making it suitable for various altar arrangements.

Elevate your spiritual practices with the Triple Moon Incense Holder. Let the carved design, silver-toned stars, and triple moon symbol create a sacred and enchanting atmosphere in your space, combining functionality with aesthetic appeal.

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