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Aura's Reversible Incense Sticks

Aura's Reversible Incense Sticks

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Immerse yourself in the diverse energies with Aura's Reversible Incense Sticks, a collection of handcrafted, high-quality charcoal-based incense sticks designed to elevate the atmosphere of your home and enhance your favorite spells and rituals. Each package is a blend of 10 red and 10 black sticks, each with a burn time of approximately 30 minutes, providing a rich and immersive experience. Handmade in India, these incense sticks carry the essence of traditional craftsmanship and authenticity.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Aura Variety: Indulge in the diverse energies of the Aura's Reversible Incense Sticks, carefully crafted to complement a range of moods and occasions.

  • High-Quality Charcoal Base: Experience a clean and consistent burn with the high-quality charcoal base, ensuring that the fragrance unfolds smoothly without interruptions.

  • Enhance Your Space: Perfect for enhancing the ambiance of your home or incorporating into your favorite spells and rituals, these incense sticks bring a touch of sacredness to your surroundings.

  • 20 Sticks per Package (10 Red/10 Black): Each package contains approximately 20 sticks, thoughtfully divided into 10 red and 10 black sticks, offering you a variety of energies to choose from.

  • 30 Minutes Burn Time: Enjoy an extended sensory experience with each stick burning for approximately 30 minutes, allowing you to immerse yourself in the enchanting fragrance.

  • Handmade in India: These incense sticks are meticulously handmade in India, reflecting a commitment to traditional craftsmanship and authenticity.

Transform your space and rituals with the versatile and carefully curated energies of Aura's Reversible Incense Sticks. Whether for relaxation, meditation, or spiritual practices, this collection is a thoughtful addition to your sacred space.

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