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100 Agate Rings: Grounding and Protection

100 Agate Rings: Grounding and Protection

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These Agate rings, used throughout history, are powerful tools that resonate with the grounding energy of the Earth and align with all the chakras. Each ring is a unique addition to your spiritual journey. Agate rings are believed to assist in grounding your emotions, fostering harmony, balancing the yin and yang energies, and infusing you with strength and courage. They also serve as protective talismans.

Key Features:

  • Chakra Alignment: Agate rings work with all the chakras, promoting balance and alignment in your energy centers.

  • Emotional Grounding: These rings help ground your emotions, bringing stability to your inner world.

  • Yin and Yang Balance: Agate is associated with harmonizing the dual energies of yin and yang.

  • Strength and Protection: They are known for infusing you with strength, courage, and protective energies.

  • Variety of Colors: Colors change with every shipment, ensuring you receive a unique and vibrant selection.

  • Set of 100: This set includes 100 rings, each measuring 6mm, providing you with a versatile collection.

Please note that the selection of colors and sizes is at our discretion. Embrace the power of Agate rings in your spiritual practice, whether you wear them for their energy, symbolism, or as protective talismans.

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