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Moldavite Gemstone Pendant

Moldavite Gemstone Pendant

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This Moldavite pendant is a captivating piece of jewelry that features a genuine Moldavite stone set in sterling silver. Moldavite is a unique and powerful gemstone created from the glass formed by a meteorite impact. It is known for its intense and transformative energies, making it a popular choice among those seeking profound change and spiritual growth.

Key Features:

  • Genuine Moldavite: Moldavite is a type of tektite that is believed to carry a high-frequency energy. It is often associated with transformation, change, and spiritual awakening. Each piece of Moldavite is created from the impact of a meteorite and is therefore unique in its formation.

  • Sterling Silver Setting: The pendant is set in sterling silver, a high-quality and durable metal that adds an elegant touch to the piece. It is stamped .925, indicating the use of genuine sterling silver.

  • Approximate Length: The pendant measures approximately 1 inch in length, but the exact size and shape of the Moldavite stone may vary between each piece. Shapes are chosen at random, making each pendant unique.

Wearing Moldavite is believed to open doors to transformation and facilitate spiritual growth. Its distinctive energy and origin make it a sought-after stone for those on a journey of self-discovery and change. This pendant allows you to carry the unique and powerful energies of Moldavite with you.

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