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Pink Tourmaline Oval Pendant

Pink Tourmaline Oval Pendant

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This stunning pendant features a natural Pink Tourmaline gemstone set in an elegant oval sterling silver setting. Pink Tourmaline is often referred to as the "stone of love" and is believed to radiate healing and loving energies. Its exquisite color and unique properties make it a sought-after gemstone for those looking to enhance their emotional well-being.

Key Features:

  • Natural Pink Tourmaline: The pendant showcases a genuine Pink Tourmaline gemstone. Pink Tourmaline is associated with emotions, love, and compassion. It is believed to bring comfort and healing to the wearer.

  • Sterling Silver Setting: The gemstone is set in a beautiful oval sterling silver pendant. Sterling silver is a high-quality and durable metal known for its lustrous appearance and suitability for jewelry.

  • Stamped .925: The pendant is stamped with .925, indicating the use of genuine sterling silver in its construction.

  • Approximate Length: The pendant measures approximately 1 3/4 inches in length, offering a noticeable and elegant presence when worn.

Wearing Pink Tourmaline is believed to encourage emotional healing, self-love, and harmony in relationships. The pendant allows you to carry the loving and comforting energies of Pink Tourmaline with you, making it an excellent addition to your collection of healing gemstone jewelry. Each pendant is unique in shape, adding to its individual beauty.

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