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Crow and Pentagram Cast Iron Chalice

Crow and Pentagram Cast Iron Chalice

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Invoke the mystique of the crow and the potent symbolism of the pentagram with our Crow and Pentagram Cast Iron Chalice. This impressive chalice features a crow perched on both the front and base, surrounding a central pentagram. Crafted from solid black, food-grade cast iron, it not only adds a touch of gothic elegance to your ritual space but is also safe for drinking.

Key Features:

  • Crow and Pentagram Design: The chalice boasts an eye-catching crow design with pentagrams on both the front and base, bringing a sense of mystery and magic to your rituals.

  • Solid Cast Iron: Crafted from solid cast iron, this chalice is both durable and evocative, creating a powerful aesthetic in your sacred space.

  • Food-Grade: The chalice is safe for drinking, meeting food-grade standards for your ritual needs.

  • Size: With a height of 7 5/8", this chalice makes a bold statement in your ceremonial practices. Please note that sizes may vary slightly due to the handcrafted nature of the item.

Enhance the ambiance of your rituals and ceremonies with this unique and captivating Crow and Pentagram Cast Iron Chalice. Let it be a vessel through which you connect with the mystical energies represented by the crow and the sacred geometry of the pentagram.

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