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White Wolf Chalice

White Wolf Chalice

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Immerse yourself in the mystique of the wild with our White Wolf Chalice, a cold-cast resin wine goblet featuring a hand-painted and intricately detailed design of a majestic white wolf. Standing tall at 7 1/2 inches, this chalice captures the spirit of the elusive and noble creature. The stainless-steel cup, while non-removable, adds to the durability and functionality of the chalice.

Key Features:

  • White Wolf Design: The chalice features a detailed design of a white wolf, capturing the strength and beauty of this majestic creature.

  • Cold-Cast Resin: Crafted from cold-cast resin, this chalice seamlessly combines artistic detail with durability.

  • Stainless-Steel Cup: The non-removable stainless-steel cup enhances the practicality of the chalice for use in rituals or as a decorative item.

Whether used in rituals to invoke the spirit of the wolf or displayed as a captivating piece of art, the White Wolf Chalice adds a touch of wilderness and symbolism to your sacred space. Let it serve as a reminder of the untamed beauty and strength found in nature.

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