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Full Moon Ritual Kit

Full Moon Ritual Kit

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Embrace the potent energy of the Full Moon with our carefully curated Full Moon Ritual Kit. Crafted to coincide with the optimal time for cleaning, clearing, and releasing, this kit provides the essential tools to facilitate a unique and powerful Full Moon ritual. Each kit contains:

  • Releasing Herbal Spell Mix: A thoughtfully crafted blend of herbs designed for letting go and releasing anything that is not serving your highest good. This versatile mix can be employed as a smudge to burn, to dress the included candle using your favorite oil, or poured into a Full Moon ritual bath.

  • Black Candle: Symbolizing release and banishing, the black candle is a perfect companion for cleansing and clearing your physical space during the Full Moon.

  • Cleansing Salt: Specially crafted salt to aid in the purification and cleansing of energies during your Full Moon ritual.

  • Selenite: Known for its cleansing and purifying properties, selenite enhances the energetic clarity of your ritual. Hold it during your ceremony or place it on your altar.

  • Crescent Moon Charm: A symbolic representation of the Full Moon phase, this charm adds a touch of magic to your ritual.

Instructions for various uses of the herbal mix are included, providing flexibility in how you incorporate these tools into your Full Moon ritual. Whether you choose to burn the herbs, dress the candle, or create a ritual bath, this kit offers a holistic and customizable experience for cleansing, clearing, and letting go during the Full Moon. Illuminate your path toward personal transformation and manifestation with our Full Moon Ritual Kit.

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