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Gold Lodestones

Gold Lodestones

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For centuries, lodestones have been revered for their magical qualities. Gold Lodestones, with their unique energy, hold particular value in empowering money drawing spells and other charms. Whether you receive many small pieces or one large piece depends on the weight. Sold by weight, not size, the Gold Toned Lodestones offer flexibility in supporting your financial magick.

Key Features:

  • Money Drawing Power: Gold Lodestones are crafted to empower money drawing spells, attracting financial abundance and prosperity.

  • Versatile Application: Use them in various charms and spells to enhance your financial magick and manifest wealth.

  • Available Quantities: Choose from quantities of 1oz and 1lb based on your magickal intentions and preferences.

Harness the unique energy of Gold Lodestones to amplify your money drawing spells and charms. Whether you're seeking financial prosperity or enhancing the energy of your abundance rituals, let these lodestones be a powerful tool in your magickal arsenal.

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