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Blue Onyx Rune Stone Set

Blue Onyx Rune Stone Set

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Unlock the ancient wisdom of the runes with our exquisite Blue Onyx Rune Stone Set. These tumbled stones, crafted from blue onyx and adorned with gold enamel, carry the full Elder Futhark runic alphabet along with a blank rune stone, making it a powerful divination tool. Each stone is a unique piece of art, and the set comes with a convenient pouch for storage.

Key Features:

  • Blue Onyx Stones: These tumbled stones are made from blue onyx, a crystal known for its calming and soothing properties. The blue hue adds an element of serenity to your rune readings.

  • Gold Enamel Runes: The runes are intricately carved into the onyx stones and enhanced with gold enamel, making them visually striking and easy to read.

  • Full Elder Futhark: This set includes the complete Elder Futhark runic alphabet, allowing you to perform a wide range of runic divination and magic.

  • Blank Rune Stone: In addition to the traditional runes, the set contains a blank rune stone, which can be used for interpretation or as a wildcard in your readings.

  • Variety in Stone Sizes: The stones vary in size, ranging from 1/2 inch to 1 inch, adding a tactile and visual dimension to your runic practice.

  • Comes with Pouch: The set includes a pouch for storing and carrying your rune stones, ensuring they remain safe and easily accessible.

  • Origin: These rune stones originate from India, a land rich in spiritual traditions and craftsmanship.

The Blue Onyx Rune Stone Set invites you to explore the mystical world of runic divination and magic. With its calming blue onyx stones, gold enamel runes, and complete runic alphabet, this set is not only a tool for insight but also a work of art. Delve into the ancient wisdom of the runes and uncover the guidance they hold for you.

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