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Large Black Stone Scrying Bowl

Large Black Stone Scrying Bowl

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Delve into the ancient art of scrying with this hand-made black stone scrying bowl, a tool designed to open your perception and invite insights. Drawing inspiration from the scrying methods used by the Ancient Greeks and Nostradamus, this bowl is crafted with care to provide a mystical and contemplative experience. Simply fill it with a shallow pool of water and gaze within to unlock the depths of your intuition.

Key Features:

  • Material: Crafted from black stone, this scrying bowl exudes an air of mystery and depth, creating the perfect medium for scrying and divination.

  • Scrying Method: Utilize the same scrying methods employed by ancient cultures, such as the Ancient Greeks and Nostradamus, to enhance your intuitive abilities and gain profound insights.

  • Dimensions: With a 6" diameter and a depth of 1 1/4", this scrying bowl offers a generous size for a shallow pool of water, facilitating a clear and reflective surface. The total height is 1 1/2", creating a balanced and accessible tool for your scrying practices.

  • Unique Characteristics: As each bowl is hand-made, sizes may vary slightly, and each piece carries its own unique characteristics, adding to the individualized and mystical nature of the scrying experience.

Note: This scrying bowl is not food safe and is specifically designed for spiritual and divinatory purposes.

Elevate your divination practices with this hand-made black stone scrying bowl. Whether you are a seasoned practitioner or exploring scrying for the first time, this mystical tool invites you to tap into ancient methods, fostering a connection to intuition and gaining profound insights from the depths within.

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