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Ornate Brass Scrying Mirror Stand

Ornate Brass Scrying Mirror Stand

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Elevate your scrying mirror with our Ornate Brass Scrying Mirror Stand. This intricately designed stand provides sturdy support for your scrying mirror and adds a touch of elegance to your divination space. The stand features a hinged leg that allows it to lean back, ensuring your scrying mirror remains upright during your divination sessions. The dimensions of the stand are 6" x 2".

Key Features:

Ornate Design: The brass stand boasts an ornate and decorative design, enhancing the aesthetics of your scrying mirror and adding a mystical flair to your divination setup.

Sturdy Support: The stand provides a stable and secure platform for your scrying mirror, ensuring that it remains upright and in the perfect position for your scrying work.

Hinged Leg: The hinged leg of the stand allows it to lean back, offering flexibility in adjusting the angle and position of your scrying mirror.

With the Ornate Brass Scrying Mirror Stand, you can enhance your scrying and divination experience by providing an elegant and stable base for your mirror. This stand not only serves a practical purpose but also contributes to the ambiance of your divination space, creating an environment conducive to your mystical practice.

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