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Tea Witch's Grimoire by S M Harlow

Tea Witch's Grimoire by S M Harlow

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"A Tea Witch’s Grimoire" celebrates the joys and magical potential of teas and herbal brews, offering over 70 recipes tailored for various purposes and occasions. This enchanting grimoire provides instructions for creating magical botanical concoctions, including teas, elixirs, potions, and brews, along with accompanying spells and rituals to activate their mystical properties.

Whether your intentions involve attracting prosperity, ensuring protection, enhancing mental clarity, seeking love, or nurturing beauty, this tea spellbook provides carefully crafted recipes for your specific needs. The author, Susana Harlow, draws upon her lifelong journey of learning tea witchcraft and lore, which began when she was a young girl by her grandmother's side. In this book, she shares the recipes and magical tea wisdom she has refined over the years.

The book also features an informative section detailing the ingredients used in each recipe and how they correspond to specific energetic qualities and personal goals. Sized at 5.5" x 7.5", this hardcover book comprises 208 pages of magical tea enchantments.

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