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Citrine Druse

Citrine Druse

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Elevate your crystal collection with these magnificent Citrine Druse specimens, showcasing a captivating spectrum of natural colors and shades, ranging from the delicate translucence of pale yellow to the opulent depths of amber gold. Each of these points has been carefully sourced from a Brazilian vein, meticulously harvested in their untouched, raw form, and artfully heat-treated. The result is a mesmerizing display of diversity, encompassing variations in inclusions, colors, and sizes.

  • 2lb of Mesmerizing Citrine: This collection features a generous 2lb of Citrine Druse specimens, allowing you to immerse yourself in the abundance of Citrine's captivating energies.

  • A Mesmerizing Spectrum of Colors: These Citrine Druse specimens offer a captivating array of colors and shades, from pale yellow to deep amber gold. The range of colors adds to the allure and beauty of this collection.

  • Meticulously Sourced from Brazil: Our Citrine Druse specimens have been carefully sourced from a Brazilian vein, ensuring their quality and authenticity. They carry the essence of the rich geological diversity of Brazil.

  • Raw Form and Artful Heat Treatment: Each of these Citrine points is harvested in its raw and untouched form, preserving their natural beauty. They have also been artfully heat-treated to enhance their visual appeal.

  • Variations in Inclusions, Colors, and Sizes: The diversity of these Citrine Druse specimens encompasses variations in inclusions, colors, and sizes. Each piece is unique, making it a valuable addition to your collection.

  • For the Crystal Connoisseur: These specimens are an ideal choice for those who hold a deep appreciation for the alluring beauty of Citrine. Whether you're a seasoned crystal collector or just beginning your journey, these Citrine Druse specimens offer a glimpse into the enchanting world of this crystal.

  • Enhance Your Collection: Elevate your crystal collection with the captivating Citrine Druse specimens. Their diverse colors and sizes make them a unique and beautiful addition to your display.

Experience the mesmerizing beauty of Citrine with these exquisite specimens, each representing a piece of the Earth's rich geological diversity. Dive into the abundance of Citrine's energies with this generous 2lb collection.

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