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Dragon Besom Broom

Dragon Besom Broom

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Unleash the mystical power with our Dragon Besom Broom, a captivating blend of strength and symbolism. Featuring bold black and red bristles, adorned with a Dragon charm and complemented by coordinating beads of Garnet and black onyx, this besom is a striking addition to your altar, fusing visual allure with potent energy.

Key Features:

  • Dragon Charm: The besom is embellished with a Dragon charm, symbolizing strength, wisdom, and protection. The dragon is a powerful guardian, adding a touch of mythical energy to your rituals.

  • Garnet and Black Onyx Beads: Coordinating beads of Garnet and black onyx enhance the besom's energy, promoting passion, grounding, and protection against negative influences.

  • Dual-Toned Bristles: The combination of black and red bristles not only creates a visually dynamic contrast but also symbolizes the potent blend of fire and earth energies.

  • Spiritual Cleansing: Approximately 21 inches long with a black stick handle, this Dragon Besom Broom is designed for both visual appeal and practical use. It enables you to effectively sweep away negative energy, maintaining a cleansed and fortified ritual space.

Whether you're an experienced practitioner or exploring the realms of mysticism, this besom broom is a versatile and captivating tool for your altar. Embrace the strength and symbolism of the dragon as you incorporate this Dragon Besom Broom into your magical rituals.

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