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Arcane Arcadia

Tree Keepers Oracle by Sullins & Law

Tree Keepers Oracle by Sullins & Law

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The Tree Keepers Oracle invites you to explore the enchanting and mystical world where ancient trees served as protectors and guardians of sacred spaces. In a time long before trees were used for their pulp and fiber, they were revered as story protectors and guardians of magical realms. Legends and druids speak of the thin veil between worlds, where ancient trees held the keys to mystical doorways known as "duirwaigh."

Key Features:

  • 44 Gold Gilt-Edged Cards: The Tree Keepers Oracle features 44 exquisitely illustrated cards with luxurious gold gilt edges. Each card holds a unique connection to the ancient tree guardians.

  • Lush 108-Page Guidebook: Delve into the secrets of the trees with a comprehensive 108-page guidebook, lavishly illustrated to provide insights and interpretations for each card.

  • Organza Drawstring Pouch: Safely store and carry your oracle cards in an elegant organza drawstring pouch, keeping them protected and ready for your readings.

  • Legacy of Lapland: The Tree Keepers Oracle is a precious legacy passed down from the Tree Keeper of Lapland, the guardian of ancient groves. It is a treasure trove of mystical wisdom that has been carefully preserved for you to explore and embrace.

  • Embrace the Magic: With these oracle cards, you can unlock the magic of the ancient trees, connect with their wisdom, and explore the mystical realms that lie beyond the veil. Let the Tree Keepers Oracle guide you on a journey of self-discovery, insight, and enchantment.

  • Note on Card Edges: Please be aware that while the product description on the box back may state that the cards have green edges, the actual card edges are adorned with luxurious gold gilt.

The Tree Keepers Oracle is a remarkable and captivating tool for delving into the world of ancient tree guardians and the mystical doorways they protect. Whether you are seeking self-discovery, insight, or enchantment, this oracle deck invites you to connect with the magic of the ancient trees and the wisdom they hold.

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