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Arcane Arcadia

Etched Pentagram Gazing Ball

Etched Pentagram Gazing Ball

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Step into the mystical world of divination with our Etched Pentagram Gazing Ball on Triple Moon Base. This enchanting set features a 70mm gazing ball etched with a pentagram symbol, resting upon a Triple Moon base. The gazing ball is removable from the base, allowing you to explore its magical properties and engage in scrying and divination.

Key Features:

Etched Pentagram Gazing Ball: The 70mm gazing ball is adorned with an etched pentagram, making it a powerful tool for divination and scrying. The pentagram symbolizes various aspects of spirituality and magic.

Triple Moon Base: The base of the set features the Triple Moon symbol, representing the phases of the moon and the divine feminine. It adds a touch of mysticism to your scrying sessions.

Removable Ball: The gazing ball can be easily removed from the base, offering flexibility in your scrying practice and allowing you to use it in various settings.

With the Etched Pentagram Gazing Ball on Triple Moon Base, you can explore the realms of divination and magic. Use the etched gazing ball to seek insights, visions, and guidance, and connect with the powerful symbolism of the pentagram and the Triple Moon as you delve into the mystical world of scrying.

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