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Fire Bath Kit

Fire Bath Kit

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Invoke the powerful element of fire into your ritual bath with the Fire Bath Kit. Crafted to enhance courage, willpower, purification magick, and deepen your connection to the element of fire, this kit provides all the essential items needed for a transformative bath ritual.

Key Features:

  • Element of Fire Invocation: The kit is designed to help you connect with the energy of the fire element during your ritual bath.

  • Intention Enhancement: Use the Fire Bath Kit to amplify courage, willpower, and purification magick within your ritual practice.

  • Variety in Components: Candle holders and candle colors may vary, adding a unique touch to your ritual experience.

Elevate your bath ritual with the transformative energy of fire. Whether you seek increased courage, purified energies, or a heightened connection to the element, the Fire Bath Kit is a powerful companion for your magickal practice. Immerse yourself in the rejuvenating and empowering energy of the fire element.

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