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Gemstones of the World by Walter Schumann

Gemstones of the World by Walter Schumann

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In its newly published fifth edition, this comprehensive guide unveils the mysteries surrounding gemstones and transforms the appreciation, acquisition, and trading of these precious treasures into an accessible and informed endeavor. With a wealth of knowledge spanning over 1,800 gemstones, it delves into their captivating history, geographic origins, scientific attributes, physical properties, and mesmerizing colors.

From the intricacies of how gemstones are forged, their unique structures, and the locations where they are mined, to an in-depth exploration of their optical characteristics, encompassing light, color, luminescence, refraction, and inclusions—this book leaves no gemstone unexamined.

Discover essential details on gemstone densities and chemical compositions, as well as insights into diverse cuts, polishing techniques, hardness levels, cleavage, classification, trade names, rarity factors, and more. Measuring up to its title as the definitive guide, this publication equips enthusiasts, collectors, and traders alike with a comprehensive understanding of the world of gemstones.

With its rich content and invaluable insights, this fifth edition opens up the realm of gemstones, revealing the true beauty and allure that lies within each precious stone. Whether you are a novice or an expert, this guide is your passport to the captivating universe of gemstones.

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