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Arcane Arcadia

Occult Book by John Michael Greer

Occult Book by John Michael Greer

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Embark on an enlightening voyage through the annals of occult history, guided by one of its most esteemed scholars and practitioners, John Michael Greer. "A Journey Through Time" explores 100 captivating incidents, esoteric wisdom, and significant figures that have shaped the occult landscape across the ages and around the globe.

From the earliest alchemists to pagan rituals, from the quest for the Philosopher's Stone to the realms of Cabala, tarot's inception, and the enigmatic Knights Templar; from the origins of horoscopes to the trials of fortune-tellers and the birth of modern witchcraft, or Wicca—Greer's narrative spans over two millennia of mystical tradition.

Each entry in this hardcover volume is accompanied by a striking image or intriguing piece of ephemera. Join John Michael Greer on a spellbinding journey into the heart of the occult, where ancient wisdom meets modern insight, in "A Journey Through Time."

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