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Poplar Wood Rune Stone Set

Poplar Wood Rune Stone Set

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Unlock the mystic potential of ancient runic divination with our Poplar Wood Rune Stone Set. Crafted from poplar wood, this set includes the complete Elder Futhark runic alphabet, consisting of 24 runes, along with an additional blank rune. Ideal for learners and experienced practitioners alike, these poplar wood runes offer an economical yet powerful tool for divination and introspection.

Key Features:

  • Complete Elder Futhark: The set contains the full 24-rune Elder Futhark, allowing you to perform a wide range of runic readings and castings. Each rune is meticulously burned into the poplar wood, preserving the authenticity and tradition of runic symbolism.

  • Blank Rune Included: In addition to the traditional runes, the set features a blank rune, which can be used to represent the unknown, add depth to your readings, or serve as a wildcard.

  • Variability in Size: Each rune measures approximately 1" x 3/16", providing a comfortable size for handling and casting. The size and natural variations in the wood grain make each rune unique.

  • Pouch for Storage: The set comes with a pouch for convenient storage and transport. The pouch's color may vary, adding a touch of diversity to your runic practice.

  • Origin: These runes are sourced from India, a land with rich traditions in spiritual practices and craftsmanship.

Economical and rich in tradition, the Poplar Wood Rune Stone Set invites you to embark on a journey of self-discovery, divination, and introspection. Each rune bears the weight of ancient runic wisdom, offering insights and guidance to those who seek answers and connection to the mysteries of the runes.

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