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Shaman Heart Oracle Cards by Grieves & Jones

Shaman Heart Oracle Cards by Grieves & Jones

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In a unique collaboration, Stephanie Urbina Jones merges her evocative song lyrics with the visionary paintings of Emily K. Grieves to create an inspirational deck of 54 medicine cards. These cards are crafted to empower you to become a masterful dreamer, creator, and the artist of your own life. They beckon you to connect with your inner divinity, find the answers to your prayers, and receive guidance from the Shaman Heart dwelling within you.

Key Features:

  • 54 Medicine Cards: Each card is a portal to the realm of your dreams and the canvas of your life. These cards are infused with powerful messages that inspire you to tap into your creative potential and explore your spiritual journey.

  • Inspiring Artwork: The visionary paintings of Emily K. Grieves evoke the beauty and mystery of your inner world, serving as a source of inspiration and insight as you delve into the cards.

  • Connect with Your Shaman Heart: The Shaman Heart Oracle Cards empower you to access your inner shaman, the wise and intuitive aspect of yourself. As you engage with these cards, you'll find the keys to your own divine wisdom.

  • Answers and Guidance: Whether you seek answers to your prayers, inspiration for your creative endeavors, or guidance for your life's path, these cards are a powerful tool to aid you in your quest.

With the Shaman Heart Oracle Cards, you can unlock the potential of your imagination, embrace your role as the artist of your own life, and connect with your inner shaman. These cards are an inspiring companion on your spiritual journey, guiding you to manifest your dreams and realize your true creative power.

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